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How To Break-Up Like An Adult

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Let’s face it—break ups are the worst. You fall for someone only to later find that it’s just not right. Whether it’s your partner’s habits, anger, family (sorry, it’s true!), or personality in general, you can’t force yourself to stay with someone just because “you have a history”, “you’re afraid of being alone”, or you’re “scared to hurt them”. We’ve heard …

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The Makeup Debate

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Just a few months ago, all of social media was flooded with influencers and beauty gurus encouraging others to go au naturale. A bare face, to some, is a sign of beauty and power, since culture has taught us that makeup is a part of being a woman and the key to being beautiful. However, this new trend has somehow morphed into a screaming match against …

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Conquer A Long-Distance Relationship

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Believe it or not, maintaining a healthy long-distance relationship is completely possible. No one is saying it’s going to be easy, but what relationship is? Plus, the extra distance can actually do some good by helping to form a stronger bond and make you appreciate the little things. There are plenty of expert ways to master a relationship while living on opposite sides …