Designer Spotlight: Shana Luther

In Style by Mindy White2 Comments

Our newest designer spotlight is on no other than Brooklyn-based designer (and puppy momma extraordinaire), Shana Luther. This inspiring creator is the owner and sole designer of Shana Luther Handbags, in which we absolutely adore and admire for a number of reasons.

Classically-designed with a modern touch, these handbags truly stand apart from the rest with their gorgeously unique style, exceptional quality, and sustainability. All Shana Luther Handbags are locally made in Brooklyn, NY. Shana, herself, spends a lot of time at the manufacturer to guarantee that each item is made with love, care, and genuine attention to detail. She’s involved in every part of the process, from the very first sketches to the final tailoring of the bags. What’s truly impressive is the passion behind the brand—Shana still, to this day, gets butterflies of excitement every time she sees one of her designs come to life.

As for the design? The brand has a very straight-forward, clean, chic approach, and it doesn’t just stop with handbags—you’ll find some of the most beautiful wallets, clutches, dopp kits, and totes ever. The brand is luxurious yet durable, dreamy yet realistic. Shana believes in having the designs speak for themselves, which they definitely do. These are long-lasting, practical pieces worth spending money on. We are completely over the moon about the brand and know you will be too. Shop Shana Luther Handbags now and thank us later!

|Photography by Delaney Royer|