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20 Wise Words To Live By

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Life is short—we never have enough time with the people we love. That’s why it’s important to enhance the quality of your world by your own actions. It just takes little mindset changes here and there to make life a much more rich and enjoyable one. We’ve collected our favorite tips below from a story where an Econ teacher gave his senior …

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Illuminating At-Home Face Masks

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With all of the options out there for beauty products these days, choosing one can be overwhelming (not to mention, dangerous for your wallet). That’s why sometimes you just have to go back to the basics–we’re talking using household items that have been tried-and-true for generations. We now have tons of DIY recipes at our fingertips to help cleanse, heal, …

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At-Home Teeth Whiteners That Work

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We tend to forget that all the delicious food and drinks we consume every day—coffee, wine, tea, soda, berries, candy, chocolate, and much more—contribute heavily to discoloration of the teeth. Believe it or not, the smile is one of the first things that people notice. That’s why it’s important to keep teeth looking as healthy and comely as possible. If …

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Let’s Get Metaphysical

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Here we are just a few weeks into 2020, feeling refreshed, driven, and working hard to make this year a better one. Because, I mean… 2019 was rough, right? We all experienced a lot of difficulties, frustrations, and changes in our world, but there’s also been a lot going on within each and every one of us that we need …