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15 Things To Do Before You Turn 25

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These days, birthdays sneak up on us faster than a morning after a night out. If you’re like me, after the age of 21, birthdays became something you dread instead of countdown to. It’s crazy how times goes by so quickly, but if you stop to notice the little things in life, you’ll see that it goes just a little bit …

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Meet Amazing Grass

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It’s about that time that everyone starts changing their diets and hitting the gym to get summer-ready. Goodbye burgers, hello kale. But let’s be honest—sometimes it’s near impossible to eat well at work or school, and there’s only so many salads you can have before they start tasting “blah.” Thankfully, there are new options to getting your greens in, and they’re easier and …

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What She Really Wants For Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s perfect time to shop for that #1 Mom in your life (before you find yourself wandering the aisles of Walgreens wishing you’d ordered something sooner..)! For all the costly toys, loads of laundry, home-cooked meals, and awkward conversations throughout the years, we want to say, “Thanks, Mom!” Make this year the best one yet—skip …

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Say Goodbye To Dry Skin with DERMADoctor

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Skinny jeans, stale razors, and not using enough shaving cream can all contribute to unwanted bumps on your legs. But if you’re taking every precaution possible and still develop bumps or spots on your body, it could be something else. Keratosis Pilaris, aka “Chicken Skin” is a common skin disorder that consists of small, white (or pink) raised bumps that …

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Designer Spotlight: Shana Luther

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Our newest designer spotlight is on no other than Brooklyn-based designer (and puppy momma extraordinaire), Shana Luther. This inspiring creator is the owner and sole designer of Shana Luther Handbags, in which we absolutely adore and admire for a number of reasons. Classically-designed with a modern touch, these handbags truly stand apart from the rest with their gorgeously unique style, …