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Vacation Time x

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It’s about that time of the year when I begin questioning why I still live in Nashville. Yeah, we have amazing restaurants, cool coffee shops, gorgeous scenery, and live music everywhere you turn, but let me tell you… one step outside your door in the summer and the humidity and heat out here takes your breath away, makes your hair …

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What’s The Deal With CBD Oil?

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There’s a good chance you’ve heard something about CBD oil lately, whether that be on social media, in popular articles, or just through a friend, but unlike most health trends that tend to come and go, CBD oil is actually worth the hype. Before I get into the reasons why I personally love it and added it to my daily …

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Do You Have Toxic Friends?

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Do you ever catch yourself feeling down after hanging out with friends? Do you feel like you’re not appreciated and never get what you give? Surprisingly, a lot of us end up getting stuck in relationships that are toxic and sadly, we don’t realize until damage is done. There has to be balance in all relationships for them to be healthy …

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9 Running-Out-The-Door Hairstyles

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You know those mornings when you snooze your alarm one too many times and you end up having to rush out of the house with bed head? Or, those repetitive days when you wear your hair down because it’s just routine? Well, one—hair should be fun, and two, there is always time to fix those tresses. Whether you have long, straight, brunette, or thick hair, …

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Spring Essentials

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Okay cold weather–we get it, you win. It’s officially spring and yet, some cities are still getting snow. Well cheer up friends, because temperatures are slowly climbing everyday, which means it’s the perfect time to change up your look. Think spring-like hues like blues, pinks, nudes, and creams. Rejuvenate dry, winter skin with a great cleanser. Highlight lips and cheeks with bright colors. Protect those eyes with some whimsical shades. We’ve …