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Best Spring Beauty Products For All Skin Types

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As summer is just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your stressed-out-from-winter skin for a more au naturel look, because let’s be honest… sun, water, and humidity don’t pair well with makeup. If you’re nervous to give up your extra coverage (don’t worry, we get it), no need to fear—you’ve still got time to get your face in shape. …

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Meet Flora

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If you’re a girl, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled upon a few wedding gowns in your day that you’ve tucked away for later, aka “the big day.” We all have different tastes and desires when it comes to dress designs, and for me, that’s anything delicate, lacy, and fun. When I first discovered Flora gowns, it was an instant crush. I mean, how …

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9 Running-Out-The-Door Hairstyles

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You know those mornings when you snooze your alarm one too many times and you end up having to rush out of the house with bed head? Or, those repetitive days when you wear your hair down because it’s just routine? Well, one—hair should be fun, and two, there is always time to fix those tresses. Whether you have long, straight, brunette, or thick hair, …

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All About Iridescent

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with anything rainbow, glittery, and sparkly. I mean, I seriously wish I was a mermaid. Maybe it’s the 90s girl in me, but iridescent-everything is back and I am over the moon about it. From clothing and accessories to beauty products and even party gear, you can make your entire life into …

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Hello Luna

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When I knew we were finally getting a puppy, my first thought besides OH MY GOSH and I’M GOING TO FAINT was we have to do a newborn photoshoot. I’m talking like Olan Mills-style newborn baby photoshoot with the fur, blankets, stuffed animals, buckets—everything. Why? Because she’s my baby! My child! And it’s hilarious! Plus, she’s going to grow like crazy and …