// Hi friends–

My name is Mindy White and I am a southern girl with a love for singing, writing, animals, the beach, coffee, and food. Part French, part Indian. I sing for the band STATES, and some of you may know me from singing + playing keys for the band Lydia some years ago.

I was born in Houston, TX, but moved to Nashville, TN at 4 years old, so I like to consider myself a “native.” I’ve always been a free spirit, a joker, and the person that loved ones come to for advice.

I wanted to start this site as an internet “living room” that you can visit when you want to laugh, learn, drink coffee, explore, shop, ask, and confide. I find that too many sites these days suggest tips and lifestyles that just aren’t practical. I have a different outlook, and that’s where Hello Real Life comes from. I want live a real, happy, genuine life–whatever that means.

Thanks for stopping by!

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