10 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making

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As women, we love beauty. Even if you’re not a make up girl—products, tips, and tricks, we love it. Of course, the first rule of good skin is no smoking (ahem, Kate), plus eating well, and drinking tons of water. Then there’s the cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and so on. But what if you’re doing all of the above and still making huge mistakes? We bet you are. Believe it or not, there are hidden errors that we all make everyday when it comes to beauty—and these little errors can have big impacts. That’s why we’ve decided to round up some of the most common mistakes below for you to learn and avoid in the future so that you can get on to the healthiest, most flawless you.

Over Plucking Your Brows. Back in the 90s, it was all about thin eyebrows—well, not anymore. Now days, a full brow is one of the most sought-after looks, for it’s ability to shape your entire face and make eyes pop. As we age, our brows naturally grow thinner, so if you tweeze too thin they may never fully grow back. Stick with cleaning up the area around your brows and follow their natural arch. Also, don’t pluck too close to the mirror, as this can cause you to pluck too much, not seeing the full face.

Applying Makeup On Dry Or Oily Skin. In your 20s and 30s, you’re still overproducing sebum (aka, oil), therefore, you should be washing your face every night and morning. Applying foundation over dry or oily skin will only emphasize flakey skin by sitting on top of them instead of blending in, or cause makeup to blend with sebum and look greasy. Aid dryness by exfoliating 2+ times a week and finish with an oil-free moisturizer. Clean, smooth skin is the perfect canvas for a flawless, fresh look.

Trying To Sculpt Your Face.  Yes, contouring can make your face look skinnier, youthful, and even flawless, but if you’re not a professional, or near it, this technique can actually make you look quite, well, fake. Unfortunately, it also won’t work on all faces. If you already have quite the sculpted face, you shouldn’t be contouring. If you do, focus on pretty, soft makeup that plays up your best features, making sure the colors aren’t glaringly obvious when viewed in person, especially in broad daylight.

Not cleaning your makeup brushes. We’re all guilty of this. Even professional makeup artists confess that they hate the time-consuming process of cleaning their brushes. So, why is it important? Dirty makeup brushes can make you break out time after time, and they affect your makeup application. Not only will the brush be full of skin, dirt, and oil, the colors blend together, and the bristles are already overloaded with product, making application difficult and the end result look less natural.

Putting Bronzer On Your Entire Face. First of all, don’t use bronzer until you have somewhat of a sunny glow. If you’re a vampire or just fear the sun in general, use a self-tanner on your face first, or else, bronzer will contrast against your pale hairline and neck, which will be a dead giveaway. Once you’ve got just a hint of color, delicately apply a subtle bronzer along the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and forehead to mimic a slight, sun-kissed glow.

Shaving Too Soon. We all have those days—you’re in a rush and you have to shower (greasy hair, stubble legs), so you get in the tub and immediately begin shaving—this just isn’t a good idea. The truth is, your skin needs a little prep in order to avoid razor burn or ingrown hairs. The best idea is to do everything else you can, shampooing, conditioning, etc, before shaving.  The hot water and steam soften your hair, making it less likely to tug and cause irritation. If you’re strictly showering to shave, begin with exfoliating your legs and underarms with warm water to allow the skin to soften a bit beforehand.

Using Too Much Product. If you find that you go through shower gel or shampoo very quickly, you’re probably using too much at a time—and you could be doing more damage than good. The more body wash you lather up, the more natural oil is extracted from your skin. So basically, the more harsh soap you’re using on your skin, the drier it will be! The same thing goes for your hair, the more oils you remove from your hair, the more dry, straw-like your tresses become. Stick to nickle-sized amounts of product and soaps that lather well, instead of cheap brands.

Rubbing Your Hair With A Towel.  As females, we’ve been doing this since we were kids. Get out of the shower, towel-dry your hair, and go about getting ready. Rubbing damp strands with a towel actually causes breakage, thinning, and frizz because the cuticle of the hair is weak and fragile. Instead, wrap your hair in the towel loosely, and firmly press the towel your into your hair, allowing hair to naturally dry.

Sleeping In Makeup. You already know this is a major no-no. We understand that it’s a pain to cleanse and moisturize after a long day at work (or night out), but it’s a huge mistake to go to bed wearing day-old makeup. If you’re not afraid of the breakouts (which will definitely appear), you should at least be concerned about the premature aging. Yes, sleeping with makeup on speeds up the aging process. Makeup settles in your pores and skin, which stretches and irritates the surface, turning lazy nights into early wrinkles and fine lines. Trust us, it’s just not worth it. If you must, buy some face wipes that make face washing quick and easy.

Using A Regular Brush On Wet Hair. Like stated above, anytime your hair is wet (especially have being washed and conditioner with warm water) your hair is frail and susceptible to major damage. During this time, your hairbrush can be your biggest enemy. It’s important to use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair, or specially-made brush, like the Wet Brush. Regular brushes and combs are best for dry hair, as they are too harsh on fragile strands, causing them to snap into a frizzy mess.