20 Habits Of Incredibly Happy People

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Let’s face it–we all have bad days. For some of us, it’s bad weeks, months, and even years. Most people spend their entire lives constantly seeking happiness through friends, partners, jobs, money, and adventures. You may think to yourself, “If I could just win the lottery,” or “If I could just ____, I would be happy.” You’re not the only one, but here’s the truth: you already have everything you need to be your happiest self. You know those people that seem to always be happy, regardless of their downfalls and hardships? They have learned how to see the good in life. If you want to be truly happy, you have to change your outlook and actions. We’ve gathered  a list of ways below to help you start living your happiest, healthiest life now.

            1. Wake Up Early And Be Grateful. Don’t press snooze! Studies actually show that hitting the snooze button can actually put you in a bad mood in the AM. Embrace the morning and be thankful for another day alive. Not to mention, waking up with the birds gives you so much more time to get things done, and being productive feels great. Gratitude journaling is one of the best ways to boost your mood. It can be as simple as listing 5 things every morning that you’re truly thankful for. And it REALLY WORKS.
            2. Eat Breakfast. First of all, food is just too freaking good to miss out on, especially breakfast food (hello, eggs and waffles)! Plus, it provides all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and energy that you need for the rest of the day. Missing breakfast cause
            3. Drink (a GREAT) Coffee. Yes, I might be biased here, but studies actually show that caffeine greatly boosts alertness, energy, and mood. So drink up, people. And make sure it’s a good coffee!
            4. Be A Dreamer. When you dream big, you set your mind to achieve great things. It’s essentially the Law of Attraction. Whatever you think / vision / feel / believe, you become / achieve / attract / acquire. Discover your purpose and go after it. You also encounter more excitement as you go about life when your mind is open to new adventures and situations.
            5. Dress For Your Mood. Give yourself time to get ready and decide on an outfit that you will feel great in. Have you ever noticed that you feel worse about yourself when you don’t leave your PJs all day? Putting time into your appearance boosts confidence and mood. So treat yo’self to that two-piece set you’ve been eyeing for fall.
            6. Change Your Mindset. Happy people know that life is hard, but they make an effort to bounce through hard times instead of playing the victim. And that doesn’t mean shelving your emotions where you don’t have to deal with them. it means being an adult and working through them with therapy, yoga, meditation, massages, and other alternative treatments. These types of people have learned to take responsibility of their feelings and struggles and focus on making things right, whatever that means. They don’t have perfect lives, they just do what they can and choose to see the good in things. They’re not waiting around for happiness to knock at their door. They stay positive regardless of their situations and spread happiness around.
            7. Eat The Freakin’ Pizza + Chocolate. You can’t always be on a diet or eating 100% healthy– that in itself, isn’t healthy. If you’re craving something “bad” and it’ll make you happy, freakin’ eat it.  As long as it’s in moderation, you’re fine. There’s no guilt, DIVE IN.
            8. Give More. It’s no secret that giving feels good. Giving genuinely produces happy hormones! It’s not the size of the gift, it’s the action. Studies actually show that giving ignites certain sections of the brain associated with pleasure, trust, and social connection, creating a “warm glow” effect. If you don’t already have a favorite charity that you love and support, find one. For me, it’s all about animals, so anytime I can give or spread awareness, I usually post about the ASPCA, Bunny’s Buddies, or The Humane Society of the United States. And giving also means to your loved ones. Besides birthdays and other holidays, giving gifts to your husband, best friend, or mom is something you can do anytime, as often as you like and it’s such a great way to remind your loved ones how much you care, and in return, it brings on all the happy feels.
            9. Exercise. We’re not saying hit the gym 7 days a week, just get moving. Working the body increases stamina and promotes happiness in the brain. For those who hate the idea of working out (like us), try something a little more friendly like yoga, pilates, or barre. I personally can’t get myself to hit the gym, so I do yoga at home with Yoga by Adriene.
            10. Believe In Something. Whether you’re Christian, Wiccan, Buddhist, or simply believe in a higher being, belief is such a positivity booster. Faith / beliefs can make you feel like your life has more purpose and understanding. It can also to the present and help you to appreciate the little things before going on auto-pilot everyday. And just because you grew up a certain way or society says you should believe a certain thing doesn’t mean it fits who you are. I think every single person on earth should study all religions and beliefs and find what resonates with them the most. Don’t just stay in the bubble you were forced into.
            11. Express your creativity. Paint, write, sketch, draw—just find an outlet and create.
            12. Put On Your Favorite Album(s). Music is made to be enjoyed and simply putting on a nostalgic or soothing record can help you escape for a little while.
            13. Plan. Use your phone’s note app or an actual planner to map out your day and make a plan about how you will get things done on your list. Start out doing the hardest (or most dreaded) thing on your list first so that you knock it out early.
            14. Step Out Of The Box. Though scary at first, trying new things boosts your mood and drives adrenaline. Learn to get out of your comfort zone and try something new that looks challenging every once in a while. Remember, no one begins as a professional.
            15. Evaluate. Always evaluate every situation. If things just aren’t feeling right, or that job you thought would secure success is falling short, revaluate. Decide what you really want and listen to your gut.
            16. Stop Being Late. Lateness is a sign of disorganization and carelessness. Make a point to be five minutes ahead of schedule everyday incase something disrupts your morning routine, it won’t make you late.
            17. Start A Bucket List. Write out at least three things you wish to accomplish this year and put it somewhere you’ll see everyday. Set a date for these goals and never say “no” when the time comes. Look for inspiration through others if you can’t think of ideas.
            18. Learn To Trust. It’s okay to have a healthy guard in life, but keep some faith. Happy people believe in the good in others, versus assuming everyone is out to get them. Learn to be open and friendly towards people you meet, bringing a sense of community around yourself.
            19. Never Compare. Unhappy people believe there’s not enough goodness to go around. They constantly compare other’s lives to their own, which leads to jealousy and resentment. Happy people believe in unlimited possibilities as long as they work hard, stay driven, and remain positive.
            20. Smile! Go outside. Take your dog for a walk if you have one, or your cat; no judging here (and we’d love to see that). Make the most of every day.

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