20 Pet Products You Didn’t Know You (And Your BFF) Needed

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If you’re anything like me, you want your pet(s) to have the best of everything. And why shouldn’t they? They’re our children! They make us laugh, they give us unconditional love and support, and they never judge us for who we really are home. Yeah, they *see* you. So, of course, anytime I find something amazing, my pup has to have it. And luckily, there’s some pretty rad stuff out there for us owners, too. From flashy dog raincoats and tiny pet backpacks that store their tiny essentials to gorgeous pet odor-absorbing candles and fun pet-print wallpaper, you can find just about anything for your four-legged friend (and pet loving self) these days. And hey, maaaybe a few of the products aren’t exactly “essentials” but I’m not a regular mom, I’m a ~cool~ mom, so I’ll do what I want.

Also, big shout out to my main girl Luna for being such a beautiful (and free, if you don’t count treats) model and official tester for some of these products!