Haircare To Feel Great About

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Not too long ago, the supermarket was my destination for pretty much all things beauty. Why would I shop elsewhere when I can grab all of my makeup, haircare, and body products all in one quick run to the store—and for super cheap? Well, I’m here to tell you I was very naive because with the word cheap comes consequences. I was so shocked to learn that the products I was buying not only contained dangerous, toxic chemicals linked to cancer and other scary illnesses, but they were also made from and/or tested on animals, which is, by some people’s standards, seen as “normal” and a “necessity” when it’s actually not at all—it’s insanely cruel and unfair and there are tons other humane ways to test products. Needless to say, with my purchases, I was essentially SUPPORTING all of this, and as Hall & Oates would say, I can’t go for that.

I have to admit, I was nervous at first not knowing what to buy, if these “clean” products would work as well as my previous ones, and if they would be outrageously priced, but luckily I was wrong. Way wrong. These products use the REAL ingredients that the cheap brands try to imitate so your hair is actually left softer, more manageable, and healthier. It leaves you wondering, where have I been this whole time? As far as where to buy, thankfully finding cruelty-free, non-toxic, natural products has become easier than ever these days. I can find most of my natural products (whether it be hair, body, or makeup products) in the same aisles I was buying my cheap products in, but usually I just order them straight to my door because, duh. Plus, they ARE affordable! At most, some may be a dollar or two more than the cheap junk and once you realize the difference, you’ll never go back. When it comes to haircare, we all have different needs and desires, so I gathered a little bit of everything from brands I love and absolutely trust below. Let me know what your favorite products are!