How To Look Amazing In Photos

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Hate photos of yourself? You’re not alone. A lot of us struggle with low self-confidence and wish we could change our appearance, even guys. These thoughts can come from a number of things—insecurities from being bullied or the way we grew up, but either way, they’re usually personal thoughts and don’t necessarily reflect the way we truly look. With that being said, the idea of being photographed can be frightening—until now. Cate Underwood, the 25-year-old model/photographer/DJ, knows some expert tips on how to look better in photos. We’ve gathered those ideas below for you to try and we’re pretty sure you’ll be confident the next time the lens comes your way.

The Key To A Natural Smile
​“Usually I ask to be told a joke, so I can smile naturally, which is the best kind of smile.”

The Most Flattering Position
​“Cross your legs.”

Trick For Better Posture
“Pretend you are squeezing a lemon in between your shoulder blades to instantly improve slumping shoulders.”

Avoid A Double Chin
“Move your chin a little forward and down.”

Makeup Secrets
“A little bit of highlighter on the cheekbones and inside angles of the eyes looks good.”

Even The Playing Field
“In a group shot, make sure you are all an even distance from the camera. If one person is closer to the lens, they will look bigger.”

Instantly Thin Arms
“Don’t jam your arms up against your body, as it will flatten them. Instead, hold them out from your body.”

If You’re Not Feeling Confident, Fake It
“When you are just starting to model, you are nervous all the time. Experience makes a big difference for your confidence in front of the camera.”

Define Your Jaw
“Pretend there is a string pulling up your nose ever so slightly, which will help define your jawline.”

Know Your Better Side, And Use It!
“Since I was a child I already knew my ‘better’ side or at least I thought that it is a better one.” To find your best side, take a few selfies of each side, and compare to see which you prefer.

Emphasize Your Eyes
“Use makeup to make your eyes look bigger. Any tricks to open your eyes wider won’t look natural.”

Project Happiness
“The only way is to be yourself at this point and start to love even your defects—that is exactly what makes you different from others.”

| Q&A via Who What Wear | Photo via Free People |