Luna Skye

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I’ve never really been a big jewelry girl—unless you count my extreme competitiveness playing the Pretty Pretty Princess game. But as far as diamonds and Tiffany’s, it just never really appealed to me. Maybe it was growing up low-income, or just the fact that I was always more of a Sporty Spice that a Posh Spice. Either way, a couple years ago I stumbled upon a jewelry line that I swear was made for me. The brand was called Luna Skye and consisted of the most magical, unique pieces I had ever seen. Not to mention, since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with the moon, and Luna is my most favorite name ever (hence why I named my puppy that), so it was an instant attraction.

I explored the brand and found out that it’s an LA-based line by designer Samantha Conn who says the name emerged from her love of the moon, its positive energy, and its influence on emotions and spiritual growth. She also adorns her pieces with crystals and gemstones, which I also have sprinkled all throughout my house. So needless to say, I needed ALL OF IT. The one piece that really caught my eye was this stunning 14kt Gold Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring and after years of dreaming about it on my Pinterest board, I finally splurged (cause sometimes you have to treat yoself)!

I’ve seen cluster rings before, but not ever one like this. It’s like a ring you would find in a fairy tale. It comes in white gold, rose gold, and my personal favorite, yellow gold. I wear it every single day and honestly already dreaming of my next Luna Skye pieces. Check out the new arrivals and let me know what your favorites are!