15 Products For People Who Are Obsessed With Their Pets

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Life is fun as a pet owner. You get to come home to an excited little fluff that’s been waiting on you all day, they make you laugh, they make you happy, you get to help them experience new things, and you get to buy a bunch of unnecessary (but totally necessary) things for them—which is, let’s be honest, really a gift for yourself. I’m always on the hunt for cool products and accessories to spoil my dog with (not that she needs any more of it) and lately I’ve stumbled across some pretty awesome must-haves for both your pet and yourself. From unique toys and pet teepees to designer litter boxes and stunning pet portraits (I’m obsessed with mine!), these products will for sure be on your pet’s want-ASAP list. Also, Luna approves of them all, so, there’s that.