Hello Luna

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When I knew we were finally getting a puppy, my first thought besides OH MY GOSH and I’M GOING TO FAINT was we have to do a newborn photoshoot. I’m talking like Olan Mills-style newborn baby photoshoot with the fur, blankets, stuffed animals, buckets—everything. Why? Because she’s my baby! My child! And it’s hilarious! Plus, she’s going to grow like crazy and I want to remember her tiny first weeks.

It was such a fun morning photographing her in cheesy studio poses. She’s such a natural in front of the camera—so much that she now has her own Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Yeah, so I’m obsessed with her? Anyway, without further ado, meet Luna the Golden.

Pink Bucket / Adidog Sweatshirt / Faux Fur Rug