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Let me first start off by saying that I’m very picky about my mattress because I have bad neck and back issues. A perfect mattress for me has to be firm, but not stiff, pillow-y but very supportive, and one that doesn’t retain heat or bounce like a backyard trampoline. Secondly, I will say that Lessa DID send me this mattress in exchange for an honest review, but if you guys know me at all, you know I am blunt. So here it is: I freaking love it. I can honestly say that I was nervous how it would perform seeing that it arrives in a box, but I think I really found my match. I did some research to figure out what’s inside that makes it so comfy and it’s three high-quality layers of foam that provide soft cooling, stabilizing, contouring support. Besides the mattresses itself being awesome, it’s great to know that Leesa donates mattresses to those in need for every 10 sold. If you’re reading this wishing you could get a Leesa, now’s the time to splurge because Leesa has a 100-night hassle-free trial and they’re offering my readers $75 OFF a Leesa mattress if you go here and use the code “HRL75”. Treat yourself and tell me what you think! Mattress, Leesa.