Everly Well: Health Testing At Home

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As a touring musician, you don’t really get to be choosy of what time you perform, where you eat, or even when you sleep—no matter how sick, miserable, sleep-deprived you are. For 10 years, I somehow managed to tour this way with a horrible immune system, constant colds ruining my vocals, horrible food sensitivities, and overall, declining health. I was basically living on medicines, supplements, and antibiotics every week for allergies, colds, and aches & pains—or I was surviving purely on juices and veggie trays because “regular” food made my stomach feel like I was eating poison. It wasn’t until I took some time off from touring that I looked into testing to figure out exactly why I was always getting sick, why I felt like I was going to die after eating certain foods, and why I always felt so fatigued, sore, and overall, just off.

My first doctor’s appointment totaled $2,600 for just the first visit and ONE round of testing. Now, I know you can’t put a price tag on health, but I had a long way to go and I just couldn’t believe this was the only option. After months of seeing numerous doctors and doing tons of tests with no real answers, I started looking for other options. I stumbled upon a site called Everly Well, which is an Austin, Texas-based innovative company that provides convenient, at-home health tests for those with issues like me. Yes, you read that right—you do the test in your own home and then just ship them to a certified lab. The lab results are then posted on your account, are easy to understand, and even provide information on what you can do about them.

So obviously, it was a no-brainer for me to give the site a try. I ordered the Food Sensitivity, Sleep & Stress, Heavy Metals, and Inflammation & Vitamin D tests. These four tests combined were much less than one test at my doctor’s office. Now, any kind of testing isn’t exactly glamorous, but these were much easier and quicker than most I’ve done elsewhere. For example, with the food sensitivity test, I just followed the directions—cleaned my fingertip, pricked it with the safety lancet (scary at first, but so easy that I felt dumb after), and left samples of blood on the test strip, put a bandaid on, sealed it up, shipped it off, and voila. In one week, I had my results.

For years I had been avoiding certain foods like the plague thinking they were the main source of my everyday stomach pain, headaches, bloating, brain fog, anxiety, brittle nails, thinning hair, the list goes on… but eliminating them never truly helped me. Turns out, according to the tests, I’m sensitive to foods I had never considered—coffee (my true love), avocados (another true love), bananas (again, love), cinnamon, safflower oil, black pepper, ginger, and many more. Heartbroken, I took steps to decrease those foods from my diet over 2-3 weeks, and guess what—I rarely have stomach pain anymore. For real. For me, that’s paramount.

On another note, I already knew I was having horrible anxiety/stress/panic issues, which I don’t talk about much, but to see my test come back actually showing my stress levels at the very top line of the “high” range was really just a confirmation that I’m not going crazy and I NEED to do something about it, now. Lastly, my Vitamin D levels were severely low, which was confirmed from another doctor, and gave me a third indication that these tests are extremely accurate. I’m just really happy with my results and I can’t say enough great things about the ease and helpfulness of Everly Well.

For those of you reading this with any sort of issues—food reactions, insomnia, stress, anxiety, weight gain, skin problems, bad immune systems, or just overall feeling “off”, I highly recommend trying these out asap. Visit EverlyWell.com and use the code EVERLY10 for 10% off your order and let me know what you think!