Is Yoga For You?

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You own yoga pants… and wear them for everything but yoga. And we all know you’ve been dying for that Nama st’ay In Bed tee. It’s okay, you’re not alone. In this busy day and age, it’s hard to find the time to tackle any kind of hobby, especially one that requires moving the body and challenging yourself. But for those of you like us who absolutely hate working out (but would like to tone up) or just need a little clarity and serenity in your life, yoga should be your new BFF.

Who is yoga for? Everyone, literally. Cardio is for endurance lovers, running is for speed lovers, and yoga is for everyone. The benefits of yoga are enough to get anyone on the mat—reduced anxiety, less muscle and joint pain, increased flexibility, lower blood pressure, better digestion, increased strength, and much more. Sound familiar? There are misconceptions out there that yoga is “too slow”, “for hippies”, “boring”, “for women”, or “only for flexible people”. The point of yoga is not to stick your foot behind your head—it’s about slowing down, getting in touch with your body, living in the moment, and letting go. Everyone has something they need to let go of. Everyone needs a time out from life to self reflect and everyone needs self love. Everyone needs to be in touch with their bodies. Yoga is whatever you want it to be—a workout, a relaxation class, a hobby, a break from the real world. There are over 20 different styles of yoga, each to fit a different person, body, sex, and personality. Strength and balance comes from practicing those muscles—no one shows up to their first yoga class executing professional yoga poses, so just relax.

Before we dive into the types of yoga, know that while yoga pants, tops, bras, shoes, blocks and more are great, all you really need is a mat (unless you’re at a class—they provide mats), and if you’re all out of yoga mats at the time, a rug can work just as well, as long as it’s not slick. See, no excuses! Every yoga style serves the same core purpose—to create a feeling of relaxation, lightness, and ease in the body. You’ll want to try out several different types first, possibly online to save money and time, to get the most benefit and the most enjoyment. It comes down to what you’re looking for in the yoga. Do you ant pure relaxation? Gentle Yoga. Are you looking to sweat? Hot yoga. Pregnant? Prenatal Yoga. Injured or have a medical condition? Restorative Yoga or Lyengar Yoga. See the full chart here. Just make sure it’s labeled beginner or note that the class offers one-on-one help for beginners—don’t try to be tough buy who starts an intermediate class because you workout regularly—you’ll regret it.

So what are you waiting for? Search your area for popular local yoga spots and even hit up Groupon for the best fitness deals and specials—this is how we first fell in love with it. Let us know your thoughts on your first class!

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