The Whathaveyou | 3

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Nothing is better than a lazy Sunday morning with coffee and muffins, right? I could use 3 more Sunday’s in each week. Couldn’t we all? The fair is in town this weekend, which means I’m about to eat everything that shouldn’t legally be considered edible: deep fried oreos, funnel cakes, freshly-squeezed lemonade, and ribbon fries. There’s something so magical and nostalgic about the fair that will always make it a special time for me. The smell of the fried food, the chilly, late-summer breeze, the creepy clown music, and stuffed pink dolphins. Here are some things I’m loving this week:

If I had ever made it to college instead of joining a band I didn’t know and hopping on tour at 19, I would have had Harry Potter-themed school supplies. I’m obsessed with the new Ace & Jig Pre-Fall items! I literally want everything, some of the most beautiful items. Everyone who knows me knows my love for LA—mostly the beach, palm trees, and vegan food, and this aerial-view video of the famous city will make you love it that much more. Avocados are one of my favorite foods ever, and I want to make this Guacamole Pizza so badly! If you’re not following Doug The Pug, it’s not too late to change your life with a daily dose of cuteness.