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Let’s Get Physical

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Just because it’s fall now doesn’t mean we all get to throw away our healthy eating and living habits. Good health is essential to a happy, long life and that means being conscious year-round. I’ll be the first to admit—I hate working out—so I have to try extra hard to stay in shape, both mentally and physically, which is what inspired me to …

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Why People Lie, Who It Affects, & How To Detect

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Let’s just be honest with ourselves—everyone lies. Whether you want to call it a “little white lie”, small fabrication, slight exaggeration, or bold-faced, a lie is lie and everyone has done it, or does do it from time to time. As humans, we first begin lying around 4-to-5 years old while learning the power of words. These “fibs” are mostly …

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All Things Halloween

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. to me. I absolutely LOVE fall in the south, and I adore Halloween more than anything. It’s just so magical, thrilling, and fun, and you can’t beat the smell of crisp leaves, apple trees, and bonfires in the air. With all that said, it’s time to get your All Hallow’s Eve decor and costume-hunting on, and …

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Meet Mollusk

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Although the calendar might say it’s officially fall, many of us are still thinking about—and, technically living in—summer. That’s because there have been little-to-no signs of the weather cooling off at all from the long Indian Summer we’re experiencing. No complaints, though, because it’s really the perfect time to soak-in the last few weeks in your favorite summer clothes, whether that be …

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Housewarming + Hostess Gifts

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Whether you have an upcoming housewarming party to attend, or an annual get-together at a close friends’ home (as we’re adults now and this is what we do), one things for sure—you don’t want to show up empty-handed. Wine is never a bad idea, but if you’re wanting to put a little bit more personality into your “thanks for inviting me/being awesome” gift (and …